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  • camera: n. 1. (pl. cameras) 【攝影】照相機;電影攝影機;電視攝像機;暗箱;暗房。2. (pl. camerae ) 【法律】法官室。3. 羅馬教廷的財政部。
  • lucid: adj. 1. 清澈的,透明的。2. 清楚的;明白的。3. 神志清醒的。4. 光輝的,明亮的。5. 【天文學】肉眼可見的;【植、動】光滑的。adv. -ly ,-ness n.

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  1. The study includes the hole color tv imagery system for drill hole, even - pole bore - hole acoustic system and acoustic meter, bore - hole multi - point consolidation apparatus, the quick camera computer - aid image for high rocky slope, image technology for layer analysis, safety monitoring technology for the section close to the dam, software for processing and forecasting the slope monitoring data, high precision geodesy monitoring automation system, etc. all the study results are new, advanced and practical, which has applied in the project and gained the obvious benefits

  2. Photography sensitometry - black - and - white aerial camera films - determination of iso speed and average gradient

  3. Intelligence with broad - face and large - depth will be gotten by strabismus aerial camera in little time

  4. Combined with the reseaching panoramic aerial camera with tdi ccd, the paper deduced the formula of imv with two methods. one is coordinate system transformation method, the other is orthogonal projective analytic method

  5. E. g. the ge lens used in planar wide - angle altazimuth, indirect ophthalmoscopy lens in ophthalmic diagnosis, zoom lens of camera, all were minor aspheric component