can you read my mind中文意思是什麼

can you read my mind解釋

  • can: n 1 〈美國〉罐頭,聽頭(=〈英國〉tin);(裝液體的)鐵罐,玻璃罐(等);一罐(之量);茶杯。2 〈...
  • you: pron 〈sing pl 〉1 〈人稱代詞第二人稱、主格及賓格;所有格 your, 所有格代詞 yours〉你,您;你們,...
  • read: vt 1 閱讀,朗讀,誦讀;【議會】宣讀(議案);照譜唱[奏] (aloud out off)。2 辨讀,辨認(暗號等)...
  • my: pron 1 〈I 的所有格〉我的。 my and her father 我和她倆人的父親。 my and her father(s) 我的父親...
  • mind: n 1 心,精神 (opp body); 心力,知,智力,智慧 (opp heart)。2 願望,目的;意向,意志,決心;見...

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  1. I can ' t trust my mind anymore, celeste

  2. Can you picture my specific plan to be the man in this wicked land, underhanded hits are planned scams are plotted over grams and rocks

  3. This is another picture, can you read some special from it. i found eight place on this one, how about you

  4. - i need you to read my mind again. - the results will be the same as before

  5. I do right from the sideling, no way after said, if you read my mind