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  • capacitor: n. 【電學】電容器 (=condenser)。 a capacitor microphone 電容傳聲器[話筒,微音器]。
  • input: n. 1. 【電學】【自動化】輸入;輸入端。2. 輸入電路,輸入信號,輸入功率[電壓]。3. 放入物,投入的資金。vt. ,vi. 把(數據等)輸入計算機。
  • filter: n 1 濾器,濾紙,過濾用料[砂、炭等]。2 【無線電】濾波器;【物理學】濾光鏡,濾色器。vt 過濾,用過濾...

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  1. 14. no warranty will be delivered to such consumables as nozzle, cylinder body caulking, washer, seal ring, o - ring, motor brush, capacitor, bulb, fuse, battery, fan, belt, paper filter element, glass sheet, fuel and lubricant

  2. The input signals pass through the prepositive circuit which transforming the measured signals ( voltage or current ) into small voltage signals, the signal adjust circuit consist of programmable - gain amplifier and filter, and digital signal processor tms320lf2407 for data acquisition and processing in turns. provide the measuring results on lcd module. and also can transfer data to the pc ’ s rs232 for farther analyse

  3. In active section, in order to meet performance of out put power above 10dbm, the power amplifier module of ka - band is fabricated by using hmc283 to achieve the 14db conversion gain. there are five parts that include of waveguide - to - microstrip ? mixer ? filter ? power amplifier and waveguide - to - microstrip. input signal ' s power is 10dbm, after it pass waveguide - to - microstrip, it ' s frequency is escalate from 30ghz to 35ghz

    該組件由五個部分組成:功率為10dbm信號經過波導? ?微帶過渡,然後混頻,濾波將30ghz提高到35ghz濾除不需要的諧波鏡頻以及三階交調信號,為了彌補混頻濾波的變頻損耗,加一級功率放大器,此放大器採用hittle公司hmc283晶元,此上變頻放大組件完成了上變頻?濾波?放大功能。
  4. Note that filter capacitor group of the wiring methods used to protect and uneven manner, using two characters express

  5. Condenser input filter