capryl aldehyde中文意思是什麼

capryl aldehyde解釋

  • capryl: n. 【化學】1. 癸酰。2. (現多指)辛基;辛酰。
  • aldehyde: n. 【化學】乙醛;醛。

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  1. The aldehyde solution was then cooled to 0℃ by an external ice bath.

  2. Aldehyde a type of organic compound with the general formula rcho, where the - cho group ( the baldheaded group ) consists of a carbonyl group attached to a hydrogen atom

    醛:一種組成為rcho的有機化合物, - - cho基團(醛基團)是由碳酰基結合氫原子形成的。
  3. Catalytic oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzyl aldehyde with cu sba

  4. With the help of gomori aldehyde fuchsine stain, we can find three kinds cells in pancreas islet. there are yellow granules in a cell, purplish red granules in b cell and green or light gray granules in d cell

    用gomori醛復紅特殊染色法,見尼羅羅非魚胰島有三種細胞: a細胞胞質中有黃色顆粒; b細胞胞質中有紫紅色的顆粒; d細胞胞質內有淺綠色或淡灰色的顆粒。
  5. Abstract a new, stereo - controlled method of aldehyde group synthesis is summarized, which is used to synthesize aldehyde group by introducing thiazole ring and has a wide appreciation for bio - activated compounds synthesis

    摘要本文綜述了一種新型可立體控制的醛基合成方法? ?利用唑環引入醛基的方法以及它在具有生物活性物質合成中的應用。