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  • case: CASE =computer aided software engineering 【計算機】計算機輔助軟體工程。n 1 情況,狀況;真相。2 ...
  • mix: vt (mixed 〈古語〉mixt )1 混,混合,攙合;混合起來做。2 使結合;使結交,使交往。3 使(動物)雜...
  • classification: n 1 選別;分等,分級;分選。2 【動、植】分類(法)。 〈分類級別為: phylum 【動物;動物學】及 div...

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  1. One class classification is a machine learning approach different from the traditional pattern recognition approach where two or more class samples are required. however in some real - life cases, we can hardly, even not, get the samples of some classes, or have to pay costly price to obtain the so - needed samples, such as in the case of machinery malfunction. and while in other cases, the sizes of samples among classes are imbalance, such as medical diagnosis

    單類分類器是不同於傳統模式識別的一種機器學習方法,傳統模式識別方法一般需要多個類別的樣本(至少兩個) ,而在有些場合中,幾乎無法獲取多類的樣本,或者獲取其樣本所需花費的代價非常高,比如:機器故障中我們不可能為了去獲得故障樣本而讓機器特意產生故障;又有些場合的類別樣本個數嚴重不平衡,比如醫學上的疾病特徵與非疾病特徵的比例是嚴重不平衡的。
  2. Estimating hospital efficiency : the data envelopment analysis with case mix index

  3. In this thesis, based on activity based classification, there are three subjects to be researched, that is, how to build and express cost caculation rules, how to support many caculation methods and how to support more quick and accurate cost caculation. moreover, this thesis lucubrates a flexible cost cacaulation model. this model bases on advanced cost theory - - activity based classification, and it includes the building of abc ' s cost caculation model, the receptions " automatical accumulattion and transformation rules, the storage and use motivating causes rules, the diverse cost distribution and supporting many cost caculation methods. besides, the model brings forward rules about cost information transformation and accumulattion, rules about keeping business records, rules about motivating causes ’ accumulattion, rules about cost distribution and formula language. what ’ s more, it builds a rule engine, and all of these make this model meet enterprises ’ demand for using many cost caculation methods, and then simplify operators ’ operation. also, it can realize cost accumulated more accuratly, keeping business records more promptly and cost analysed more intensively, and then give supports to enterprises ’ further decision with related data. in the third chapter, it expounds the design and realization of this flexible cost cacaulation management system, and use one model case to validate its legitimacy, which explains that with j2ee technology and mvc design pattern, this system has good features of reuse and adaptability. at last, it introduces its application in china resource alcohol co., ltd

  4. In the ministry of inside you need to resort to the gun and bullets, of course, there are many fans that find the items was not much, not too difficult to mix, is easy to spot among fans about the time suggested - find : guns, light bulbs, bullets, keys, gun fight chandeliers, playing toilet glass case, glass glass is the sofa, videos, remote control, up into a video player, turn on the tv

  5. Up to now, there " s nobody put forward the view of " the ecological function regionalization based on rs and cis " systemily. in this thesis, i take qingdao city as the case, accomplish the analysis and application of the technology route of the ecological function regionalization of qingdao city based on rs and cis, and construct a landscape ecology classification system which more fit to the ecological function regionalization

    鑒于國內尚沒有人較為系統的提出「基於遙感和地理信息系統手段的生態功能區劃」 ,本論文以青島為例,完成基於rs和gis的青島市生態功能區劃的技術路線的分析和應用,並提出一套更適合於生態功能區劃的景觀生態分類體系。