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  • cash: n 現款,現金;〈口語〉錢;小額支票。 a hard cash硬幣。 idle cash〈口語〉游資。 be in [out of] cas...
  • trade: n 1 貿易;商業,交易;零售商。2 職業;行業;(鐵匠、木匠等的)手藝。3 〈the trade 〉〈集合詞〉同...

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  1. Call change the storehouse again, it is to point to will existing cash forward or trade migratorily backward, particular mode of operation is will existing while cash makes the same score a storehouse, be in the near future or long - dated and new build the position with same way, equal amount

  2. Hurstwood listened to the cash - register ring, and watched the trade for a while

  3. 2 trading market secondary market : the market for investors to trade bonds or for bondholders to sell bonds for cash. recently, bond tradingmainly deals in the otc market, only a few bond trading prosecutes onthe main market. in order to make bond trading more smoothly and safely, gtsm sets up all kinds of regulations to standardize the market

  4. Peter joined standard chartered in 1994 as head of global cash management services, with responsibility for starting the bank s cash management business. in 1998, he took on the role of group head of product management and service delivery, where his responsibilities covered cash management, trade, custody, lending, marketing, operations and technology

  5. An ancient name for china is blue prepare core to fund starts family foundation transition by former an ancient name for china and come, the new fund after transition uses lof ( bourse trades fund ) trade form, investment limits occupies 20 % - 95 % for the stock, bond occupies 0 - 80 %, asset supports negotiable securities to invest the scale range that holds fund asset net value to be 0 - 20 %, authority card invests the scale range that holds fund asset net value to be 0 - 3 %, cash and maturity are in the governmental bond of 1 year of less than not 5 % under fund asset net value

    華夏藍籌核心基金由原華夏興科基金轉型而來,轉型后的新基金採用lof (交易所交易基金)交易形式,投資范圍為股票佔20 % - 95 % ,債券佔0 - 80 % ,資產支持證券投資占基金資產凈值的比例范圍為0 - 20 % ,權證投資占基金資產凈值的比例范圍為0 - 3 % ,現金以及到期日在1年以內的政府債券不低於基金資產凈值的5 % 。