categorical imperative中文意思是什麼

categorical imperative解釋

  • categorical: adj. 1. 【哲學】范疇的。2. 絕對的,無條件的。3. 明確的;直言的,斷言的。adv. -ly
  • imperative: adj 1 命令的,強制的,專橫的。2 不可避免的,絕對必要的,迫切的,緊急的。3 【語言學】祈使的。n 1 ...

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  3. Scientific truth achieved the status of an absolute and the incessant pursuit and expansion of knowledge became the one recognized categorical imperative.

  4. Kant gives three versions of the categorical imperative. how would you distinguish the first two ? why does kant believe that they come down to the same thing

  5. Chapter two expounds the theoritical basis of kant ' s political philosophy, such as categorical imperative > good wilk will self - discipline. it also expounds kant ' s opinion on the relation between ethics and politics ^ ethics and law. politics and law are the application of ethics, and both have to comply with the categorical imperative