cathay airlines中文意思是什麼

cathay airlines解釋

  • cathay: n. 〈古、詩〉中國。adj. -an 中國(人)的。
  • airlines: 航空公司(多用於航空公司名稱中)

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  1. These involve the provision of 14 weekly services to bangkok by hong kong dragon airlines, three weekly services to beijing by cathay pacific airways from december 2, three weekly services between nairobi and hong kong via bangkok by kenya airways, and a weekly service from moscow by transaero airlines

  2. These destinations have been or will be added to the route network of the hong kong international airport ( hkia ). scheduled passenger services to sapporo and riyadh are operated by cathay pacific airways, pusan by korean air and las vegas by singapore airlines

  3. Air china, korean air, jal and cathay pacific all offer connecting flights from beijing and shanghai, while if you go from hong kong you can get there direct on air new zealand or via australia with australian airlines or qantas

  4. Seven airlines use hong kong as their base, namely cathay pacific airways ltd, hong kong dragon airlines ltd, air hong kong ltd ( a wholly - owned subsidiary of cathay pacific airways ltd. ), jet aviation business jets ( hkg ) ltd, hong kong express airways, cr airways and oasis hong kong airlines

    有7家航空公司以香港為基地,分別是國泰航空、港龍航空、華民航空(國泰航空全資附屬公司) 、 jetaviationbusinessjets ( hkg ) ltd 、 hongkongexpressairways 、中富航空及甘泉航空。
  5. The civil aviation department ( cad ) today ( may 31 ) approved the filings submitted by cathay pacific airways ( cx ) and hong kong dragon airlines ( ka ) to levy a fuel surcharge on passenger carriage in view of the recent increase in aviation fuel prices. cx was approved to collect us $ 5 and us $ 14 ( or hk $ equivalent ) per sector per passenger for their short - haul and long - haul flights respectively, while ka was approved to levy hk $ 42 per sector per passenger

    國泰航空公司獲準向每名乘客收取的燃料附加費,以每程計算短途航線為5美元(或相等的港幣金額) ,長途航線為14美元(或相等的港幣金額) ;而港龍航空公司則獲準向每名乘客收取42港元的燃料附加費。