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  • cavern: n. 大山洞,大洞穴。vt. 1. 置…于山洞中。2. 挖空 (out)。adj. -ed 有洞穴的;洞窟狀的;在洞穴中的。
  • project: vt 1 投擲,拋出;發射(炮彈等);噴射。2 使突出,使凸出。3 設計,規劃,計劃,打算,籌劃。4 投影;...
  • study: n 1 用功,勤學;〈常 pl 〉學習;研究 (of); 研究對象;研究項目;值得研究的問題;學問,學業,學科...

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  1. I am shipping and marine project major there are a few problems to did not figure out in study recently the hand that hopes professional personage can extend aid 1, in hydraulic experiment, the cabin of photograph adjacent why cannot at the same time affusion

    我是船舶與海洋工程專業的最近在學習中有幾個問題沒有弄明白希望專業人士能夠伸出援助之手1 ,水壓試驗中,相鄰的船艙為什麼不能同時注水
  2. We pay attention to the technical content of the product, carries on the deep processing to the product, introduces the bacteriolysis enzyme extraction technology of american group company, take the duck ' s egg as the raw material, extract the bacteriolysis enzyme that is widely applied to the medicine, the cosmetics, food anticorrosion and the bio - engineering fields of research, and we may extract 2500 kilograms every year ; we study the technology of maintaining egg product freshness with the shenyang agricultural college ; abandons with the national environmental protection agriculture using the project center, the dalian environmental science design research institute, the chwangho city environmental protection bureau jointly carries on the birds and beasts feed increase ecology conditioner expansion tests, makes zhuanghe city heidao agriculture comprehensive exploitation co., ltd the provincial level science and technology innovation enterprise

  3. Cavern project study

  4. Main research member of the project : study on the mechanism of aging and anti - aging via electro - analytical chemical methods ", sponsorded by the foundations of state key laboratory of electro - analytical chemistry ( changchun )

  5. Now, it ' s necessary to ponder how enterprises can survive with measures of network and thoughts of coordination chain and how enterprises develop with a new mode of commerce in the future. supported by the national 863 / cims fundamental research project ? study on the methodology about cims based on internet / intranet " ( no. 863 - 511 - 941 - 008 ), based on the theories of system, information and control, we studied the theories, architecture and methods of network cooperative commerce and developed a prototype system of practical value. by combining theory with practice, we discuss the theories and methods of network - based cooperative commerce chain ( nccc ) comprehensively and deeply in this dissertation

    本論文以國家863 / cims基礎研究課題「基於internet / intranet的cims方法論( mcimsbii )的研究」 (項目編號: 863 - 511 - 941 - 008 )為依託,以系統論、信息論、控制論等為理論基礎,以網路協同商務的思想,體系與方法為對象,以開發具有實際應用價值的原型系統為目標,採用理論與實際相結合的方法,較為全面和深入地論述了「網路協同商務鏈nccc ( network - basedcooperativecommercechain ) 」的理論與方法研究。