cba cell based array中文意思是什麼

cba cell based array解釋

  • cba: 澳大利亞商業銀行
  • cell: n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...
  • based: 基準
  • array: vt 1 打扮,裝飾。2 使…列隊,排列。3 提出(陪審官)名單,使(陪審官)列席,召集(陪審官)。n 1 整...

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  1. Progress in experimental research on tumor immunotherapy with dendritic cell - based vaccine

  2. Advances in preparation and clinical application of dendritic cell - based tumor vaccines

  3. Column - level and cell - based encryptions are also supported by new transact - sql statements

    新的transact - sql語句也支持列級和基於單元格的加密。
  4. Active programs include tissue engineering models for cardiac muscle, tri - leaflet valves, cell - based cardiac pumps and vascular grafts

  5. Both the pid control and the single neutral cell based self - adaptive control algorithm are adopted in the integrated control system. these two control methods are satisfied to minimize the effects on engine ' s working conditions as the nozzle is deflexed