n. 名詞 1. 宿務島〈菲律賓〉。
2. 宿務〈菲律賓港市〉。


    1. In the 200102 winter season ( i. e from october 28, 2001 to march 30, 2002 ), four new scheduled passenger carriers commenced services at hkia. they are cebu pacific air ( from november 22, 2001 ), ethiopian airlines ( from january 1, 2002 ), orient thai airlines ( from february 1, 2002 ), and finnair ( from february 7, 2002 ). some airlines also operate to new destinations, namely addis ababa ( by ethiopian airlines ), helsinki ( by finnair ), and sapporo and riyadh ( by cpa )

      在二零零一零二年的冬令期間(二零零一年十月二十八日至二零零二年三月三十日) ,共有四家航空公司,分別是宿霧太平洋航空公司(由二零零一年十一月二十二日起) 、衣索比亞航空公司(由二零零二年一月一日起) 、泰國東方航空公司(由二零零二年二月一日起)和芬蘭航空公司(由二零零二年二月七日起) ,在香港國際機場開始提供定期航班客運服務。
    2. At the very center is the island - province of cebu, itself ringed by 166 smaller islands. mactan, one of these islands, has some of the best diving spots in the country and bantayan, another isle, is famed for its breathtaking coral formations

    3. To do this, cebu works closely with some of the most innovative companies in the world to help them bring compelling, creative, connected and competitive consumer products to the world ' s marketplace

    4. Two hours away from cebu by super cat ferry is bohol, more rustic but just as exciting for the adventurous and daring

      從宿務乘super cat渡輪2小時就可到達更有鄉土氣息但又讓那些冒險和大膽的人們興奮的bohol島。
    5. Cebu mactan, philippines

      宿霧ceb ,菲律賓