音標 [sel]
n. 名詞 1. 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。
2. 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。
3. (大修道院附屬的)小修道院。
4. 單人牢房。
5. 【生物學】細胞;【電學】電池;元件;【建築】(天花板的)方格板;隔板;【航空】機翼構架;【原子能】晶格,晶胞;【計算機】單元,元件;【植物;植物學】花粉囊;藥室;(氣球等的)氣囊;【氣象學】單體,環型。
6. 基層組織,小組。
7. 管,盒,槽。


    1. The sequence analysis revealed that the as1 gene encodes a myb protein, which is a candidate transcription factor. in as1 and as2 mutants, the polarity formation in leaves is defective. cell differentiation along abaxial - adaxial, proximal - distal and media - lateral axes all shows an insufficient fashion

      通過掃描電鏡、干涉相差顯微鏡、組織切片、過量表達等手段研究了as1和as2的功能,包括觀察觀察突變體的組織、細胞結構及早期發育狀況,同時採用gus表達、 rt - pcr 、原位雜交、 northern等手段分析基因的表達情況。
    2. The changes of the expression of gfp in biu - 87 cell that induced by the aconitine and hab toxins, gtx were detected with fluorescence microscope, and quantitatively measured with image - pro plus software

      經誘導,抗性細胞發出較強的綠色熒光,表明重組質粒pegfp - c - fos在biu - 87細胞中成功表達。
    3. A case of actinic keratosis developing to squamous cell carcinoma

    4. The diagnosis and treatment of liver cell adenoma in 5 cases

    5. Misdiagnosis of hepatic cell adenoma in the aged