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  • cellulose: n. 【植物;植物學】細胞膜質,纖維質;【化學】纖維素。vt. 用纖維素處理。
  • bacteria: n. pl. (sing. Bacterium )1. 細菌。2. 〈美俚〉拳擊迷。

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  1. Using refined cotton, chloroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide as main feedstock, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was made by the process of basification, etherification, abstersion and drying

  2. After digestion at 52℃, for 10 minutes, the emulsion samples are coated at a coverage of 432mg silver per square foot on a cellulose acetate film support.

  3. Three kinds of microbe, i. e. methane - oxidizing bacteria, anaerobic cellulose - decomposing bacteria and sulfate - reducing bacteria, were selected for experimental study, so the disturbance of surface biochemical effect was effectively inhibited, thus causing the microbiological anomaly to be able to reflect objectively the deep - seated hydrocarbon micro - leakage, it is pointed out that the result of predicting subsurface hydrocarbon distribution by use of the microbiological anomalies is obvious

  4. Sporocytophaga is a kind of bacteria that can glide on the surface of solid medium. this strain can decompose the cellulose strongly. lt can grow on the surface of cotton and fiter paper, and produce large amount of extracellular polysacchrides during the cellulose degradation. the sporocytophag can only produce a low extracellular carboxymethyl - cellulase ( cmc ) activity and no other extracellular cellulase activities. so the sporocytophaga has a special mechanism of cellulose degradation

  5. Although yeast cannot digest cellulose or lignin, the molecules that form a plant ' s skeleton, some bacteria and other species of fungi are able to do the job