central african multinational force中文意思是什麼

central african multinational force解釋

  • central: adj 1 中心的,中央的。2 重要的,主要的。3 中樞的;中樞神經系統的。4 (政治上)走中間道路的。5 【...
  • african: adj. 非洲的;非洲人的。n. 非洲人。
  • multinational: 多國籍公司
  • force: n 1 力,勢。2 體力,氣力,精力,魄力。3 暴力,壓力;兵力,武力。4 〈pl 〉 部隊,軍隊,兵力。5 勢...

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  1. In the 1990s he performed once, because of a booking mix - up, in a military camp run by the south african defence force, and enjoyed watching the white soldiers dance while he sang, catchily and sunnily, “ i am a prisoner in my own country ”, and hummed zulu insults at them

  2. Ceuca central african customs and economic union

  3. The notice requires all localities departments of quality and technical supervision must immediately arrange for food processed products in alterative grain, waste oils in the edible oils, dairy products of animal protein hydrolysate, soda consumption level of carbon dioxide and africa, the central african edible soy protein hydrolysate, peppery products in sudan, 17 kinds of possible existence of non - food raw materials illegal conduct special inspection of the scene production enterprises

  4. Setting the scene for our upcoming photo feature heroes for health, this is the gripping story of four central african health workers, saving lives under difficult circumstances

  5. Among the priorities is $ 100 million for what is called critical support of the african union force in darfur