central weighted metering中文意思是什麼

central weighted metering解釋

  • central: adj 1 中心的,中央的。2 重要的,主要的。3 中樞的;中樞神經系統的。4 (政治上)走中間道路的。5 【...
  • metering: 測光

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  1. On september 25 it abolished the pro-allende central labor confederation.

  2. Outside innervation at the whole body, head and spinal cord and whole body other organ connection rises, the change that makes central nervous system can experience environment of inside and outside already ( transmit sensory information through afferent nerve )

    外周神經分佈於全身,把腦和脊髓與全身其他器官聯系起來,使中樞神經系統既能感受內外環境的變化(通過傳入神經傳輸感覺信息) 。
  3. Central to the book ? and to his early life ? was his amah, yi jieh

  4. Blocking of ampa receptors in the central amygdaloid nucleus modulates the parabrachial nucleus taste responses in rats

  5. Presents the control characteristics, charging basis and principle of central air conditioning systems by taking fan coil air conditioning system as examples and gives a feasible charging method based on cooling metering