cervicovaginal secretion中文意思是什麼

cervicovaginal secretion解釋

  • cervicovaginal: 子宮頸陰道的
  • secretion: n. 1. 隱匿;藏匿;隱藏。2. 【生理】分泌。3. 分泌物;分泌液。4. 樹液。

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  1. The concept and meaning of clearance ; function and regulation of aldosterone ; secretion of h 、 nh3 、 k ; micturition reflex

    清除率的概念及測定意義;醛固酮的作用和調節; h 、 nh3 、 k分泌;排尿反射。
  2. A promising experimental compound prevents cholesterol gallstone disease in mice by stimulating the biochemical pathway that controls bile acid secretion by the liver, according to new studies by howard hughes medical institute researchers

  3. Royal jelly is a well - known high - effective nurture that can strengthen body resistance, delay caducity, and adjust internal secretion

  4. The proteins they make can enter the cisternae for transport to other parts of the cell or for secretion via the golgi apparatus

  5. In the 1990s, the pheromones of gram - positive bacteria, which regulates the growth and toxin secretion of the same type bacteria, were identified they were peptides consisted by dozens of amino acids. the pheromones can auto - recognize membrane receptor of the identical types of bacteria. we had constructed a fusion protein named pheromonicin by introducing a staphylococcal pheromone agrd at the c - terminal of the colicin ia

    丘小慶等利用信息素的自主導向特性和大腸菌素ia的致死性通道特性構建了由金黃色葡萄球菌信息素agrd和大腸菌素ia組成的融合蛋白,命名為pheromonicin ,該蛋白表現出了信息素和大腸菌素ia都不具有的抗金黃色葡萄球菌活性。