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  4. Based upon the comparison of cyto b gene sequences in 15 deer species downloaded from genbank, a universal primer set l15774 / hsf21 was used as positive control of the template quality, at the meantime, two species specific primer sets df / dr and cf / cr were desgined to identify red deer ( cervus elaphus ), sika deer ( cervus nippori ) and roe deer ( capreolus capreolus ) from other species. a musk deer ( moschus ) specific primer set wf / mr was designed, siberian musk deer ( afoschus moschiferns ) and forest musk desr ( moschus berezovskii ) could be discriminated when restriction endonuclease rsa i was used to cut the pcr products

    經過對來自genbank中的15種鹿類動物的cytob基因序列的比較,用通用引物l15774和hsf21作為模板的質量控制,設計了特異性引物df dr和cf cr來鑒定馬鹿、梅花鹿、狍;設計了麝類特異性引物mf mr ,用限制性內切酶rsa酶切擴增產物來區分原麝和林麝。