chair set中文意思是什麼

chair set解釋

  • chair: n 1 椅子;〈古語〉轎子(=sedan)。2 (大學的)講座;大學教授的職位。3 主席[議長、會長]的席位[職...
  • set: SET =safe electronic transaction 安全電子交易〈指用信用卡通過因特網支付款項的商業交易〉。n 【埃...

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  1. Be faced with change season, the car that distributes a warmth to love a car sits set, redo wax or seal glair, still can come of course a batholith seal model, engine clean, leather chair disinfection, everything after on deck, can set his mind at to go out

  2. A barber had set up his chair in the roadway and was already at work.

  3. Tynan lay back in his swivel chair, arms crossed on his barrel chest, eyes set on the ceiling.

  4. As soon as he set off for the middle east after a working morning session, his chair at the round - table talks was swiftly whisked away

    於是在結束了上午的工作會議,布希的座機起飛開往中東之後,他在圓桌會議上的座椅就馬上被搬走了。英語新聞學習http : news . jewelove . net
  5. The master told me to light a fire in the many - weeks - deserted parlour, and to set an easy chair in the sunshine by the window ; and then he brought her down, and she sat a long while enjoying the genial heat, and, as we expected, revived by the objects round her : which, though familiar, were free from the dreary associations investing her hated sick chamber