chalcid flies中文意思是什麼

chalcid flies解釋

  • chalcid: n. 【動物;動物學】寄生蜂(=fly)。
  • flies: 褲子前面的開口

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  1. Russian hot air balloon flies over the golden crosses of the orthodox church during the annual international aerostatic championship at dmitrov, about 60 kilometers from moscow, 21 august 2004

  2. Apart from its deployment in kosovo and afghanistan, it flies air patrols over the baltic states and slovenia, carries out anti - terrorist naval patrols in the mediterranean, runs military headquarters in macedonia and bosnia, trains the iraqi army and gives logistical support to african peacekeepers in darfur

  3. Ants and flies are insects.

  4. Islamabad, pakistan ( ap ) - - chunks of concrete are missing from the mosque ' s minarets. the walls of a religious school painted with islamic verses are peppered with bullet holes. black flies over a makeshift bunker, blasted apart under a stairwell

    伊斯蘭堡巴基斯坦(美聯社) - -清真寺尖塔不再完好無損,宗教學校印有伊斯蘭詩句的圍墻上布滿彈孔,樓梯塌落的廢墟上,黑色的蒼蠅盤旋著。
  5. Say simply, bumblebee this kind of biology flies far from possibly