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  • river: n 1 河,江。 Rriver Thames 或 the R Thames 泰晤士河; the Hudson R 〈美國〉哈得孫河。 the Rriver ...

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  1. Adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin, which is the second grade national protection plant, is the special plant in three gorge of yangtze river. china. at present, it faces to die out, so it is extremely necessary to research its protection biology

    荷葉鐵線蕨( adiantumreniformel . var . sinensey . x . lin )是三峽庫區特有植物,為面臨滅絕的國家二級保護植物,對其進行保護生物學方面的研究很有必要。
  2. While hong kong and guangdong share the same airshed, they also share several water bodies, such as the pearl river estuary, deep bay and mirs bay

  3. A study of monthly - mean surface albedo of the yangtze river delta

  4. Low - lying alluvial land adjacent to a river

  5. Some factors affecting the alluvion and erosion of the yellow river delta are given and analyzed, including human activities, global warming and sea level rise, deep structure, deposits in the delta, local climate, some ocean factors such as current, wave, tide