changes of structure中文意思是什麼

changes of structure解釋

  • changes: 變幻
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • structure: n. 1. 構造,結構;組織;石理,石紋。2. 建造物。3. 【化學】化學結構。4. 【心理學】(直接經驗中顯現的)結構性,整體性;整體結構。adj. -d ,-less adj.

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  1. Study on changes of collagen fibril structure in pigskin tissue after enzyme treatment

  2. Corresponding relations between the structure, physiological functions, pathological changes of the human body as microcosm and the change of the nature environments as a macrocosm

  3. It ' s protected as ii wildlife in china. in this research, the changes of the structure of genitial tube and spermary were studied with the method of histologicial technology at the immature, spawning and catagenetic stages mandrias davidianus

  4. The theoretical analysis shows that any human activities, responsible for the changes of rock, air, water, soil and biology inside or outside the caves, will influence inevitably cave animals in terms of such levels as molecule, cell organelle, cell, tissue, organ, system, individual, population, society and ecosystem. these effects can be observed on cave animal ' s shape - building, activity, tissue structure, metabolism, space - time distribution, biothythm, structure of population and society, food chain, bio - relation, diversity of population and society, and function of the above - mentioned levels

  5. In this particular situation, strategies made by organization on the changes of structure have a decisive effect on the existence of the information technology system