channel-attached network control program中文意思是什麼

channel-attached network control program解釋

  • channel: n 1 水路,水道,渠,溝;海峽;河床,河底。2 (柱等的)槽,凹縫;【機械工程】槽鐵,凹形鐵。3 〈比...
  • attached: 參加的
  • network: n. 1. 網眼織物。2. (鐵路、河道等的)網狀系統,網狀組織,廣播網,電視網,廣播[電視]聯播公司。3. 【無線電】網路,電路。4. 【計算機】電腦網路,網。
  • control: n 1 支配,管理,管制,統制,控制;監督。2 抑制(力);壓制,節制,拘束;【農業】防治。3 檢查;核...
  • program: 按遺傳密碼工作

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  1. For example, a buffer overflow in a network server program that can be tickled by outside users may provide an attacker with a login on the machine

    存儲大量帳戶口令對而不用擔心丟失記錄它們的紙的一個方法是使用「口令保險箱」 ,例如counterpane提供的一個(請參閱
  2. In the hardware design, the paper completes modules ’ design like outside memory, patulous a / d, patulous d / a, rs232 communication, ecan communication, led control, keyboard control, distant control, emulation, reset, logic voltage switch, dsp supply power regulate and ac - dc power circuit, as well as room layout design like anterior panel, back panel etc. and dsp transfers data with peripheral equipments except outside memory using serial ports. besides, the whole circuit is configured in interrupt response. thus, it can meet system demand as well as take full advantage of tms320f2812 ’ s hardware resource. in the software design, the paper finishs programs like the interface programms intercommunicates with people, the distant control program, ad and da modules ’ control program, in addition, the paper select the velocity and acceleration state - feedback algorithm and is written in the program. the software design uses dsp integrate exploiting environment named ccs2. 2 of ti inc. as software instrument, and programs with the combination of c language and assembly language. moreover, in order to maintenance or modify the software expediently and shorten software ’ s exploitation time, the design adopt software modularization technique. finally, some air cylinder experiments are carried out to proved that the pneumatic controller is very practical

    在硬體設計中,本文完成了片外存儲器擴展、 a / d擴展、 d / a擴展、 rs232通信介面、 ecan通信總線介面、液晶顯示控制、鍵盤控制、遠程控制、模擬、復位、邏輯電平轉換、 dsp工作電源校正電路和ac - dc電源等模塊設計以及控制器前面板、後面板等的空間布局設計。其中dsp與除外部存儲器的外圍設備之間的數據傳送全部採用串口通信,同時系統電路配置成中斷響應方式,這樣既滿足了系統要求,又充分利用了tms320f2812的硬體資源。在軟體設計中,本文完成了人機界面功能模塊、遠程控制模塊、 ad擴展模塊、 da擴展模塊、速度和加速度狀態反饋的控制演算法的程序設計。
  3. All you need to do is to edit style control program ( technique data ), you can get bright and colorful towel, turkish towel, decorating cloth, etc

    只需編輯花型控製程序(工藝數據) ,即可織出絢麗多彩的緞檔、緞邊小提花毛巾、浴巾、色織物、裝飾布等。
  4. Chapter five took advantage of synergetics theory to established an synergetic transportation model of logistics enterprise system in transportation network. control parameter threshold value equation was derived and we combined data of logistics enterprise ' s instance to writer a program to calculate numerical val

  5. According to my reference, there are many schemes for the personal firewall technology and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. a new double filtering packet based on kernel and user mode scheme is presented in this paper with the development of the personal firewall technology : in the kernel mode, we develop the network driver program to implement the raw net packet capturing through the ndis hook technology, and also we accomplish the net packet filtering according to the control canal rules, in the user mode, we develop the dll program to implement the services based on socket capturing and filtering through the winsock2 spi technology, thereby we overcome the shortcoming during caputuring packet by kernel mode or user mode only, greatly improve the system security nature

    通過參考目前市場上多種個人防火墻的設計方案,並且分析比較各個設計方案的優缺點,結合目前個人防火墻技術的發展趨勢,提出一種基於內核態和用戶態雙重過濾的設計方案:在內核態採用ndishook技術開發ndis網路驅動程序實現對通過網路的原始數據封包截獲,並且通過訪問控管規則完成對數據封包的過濾;在應用態採用winsock2spi技術開發動態鏈接庫( dll )程序實現了對基於socket網路連接通信的服務截獲和過濾,從而克服了單方面從用戶態或核心態截獲數據包的缺點,極大提高了系統的安全性能。