charging resistance中文意思是什麼

charging resistance解釋

  • resistance: n. 1. 抵抗,反抗,抗拒,抵禦;敵對,抵抗力,反抗力,阻力,【生物學】抗病性。2. 【電學】電阻;阻抗;電阻器。

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  1. Salicylic acid and abiotic stress resistance in plants

  2. The absorptance of insulation resistance for various kinds of electric equipmenet under the condition of damp and partial damage were analyzed

  3. Recently, the chinese plant protection agencies reported the growing hardships in controlling some field populations of oriental migratory locust with organophosphate ( op ) compounds. up to now there are more than 600 arthropod species with documented resistance to one or more insecticides and / or acaricides since resistance phenomenon was first described in san jose scale to lime - sulfur in washington in 1908. enhanced metabolic detoxification and reduced sensitivity of insecticide target - sites are the two major mechanisms in resistance development, involving three primary metabolic enzymes of esterases, glutathione s - transferases and cytochrome p450 polysubstrate monooxygenases

    代謝抗性是指對殺蟲劑起水解或隔離作用的酶發生改變,從而對殺蟲劑起到解毒作用,昆蟲主要解毒酶系有酯酶、谷胱甘肽- s -轉移酶、細胞色素p450單加氧酶等,這三種酶系任何一種的組成部分發生改變均會引起害蟲抗性的改變;靶標抗性是指由於殺蟲劑作用靶標敏感度降低而產生的抗性。
  4. Charging methods for accumulator out of vehicle

  5. The mechanism of storing lithium - ions was to store lithium ions in the micropores of the samples. since the micropores which formed in the process of liquid phase carbonization had different sizes, the smaller the micropores, the lower the potential to overcome the resistance for inserting lithium ions. the charging - discharging curves looked like the letter " v " and had no flat plateaus, the charging - discharging capacities were high but faded rapidly

    Htt _ ( max ) = 2000以前,石墨微晶尚未出現,貯鋰機制為「微孔貯鋰」 ;由於微孔的大小不同,插鋰時克服阻力所需的電位也不同,微孔愈小,所需電位愈低,因此充、放電曲線為「 v 」字形,無充、放電電位平臺,充、放電容量高,但容量衰減快;隨著htt _ ( max )的增大,液相炭化過程中所形成的微孔逐漸變小、變少,因此充、放電容量也逐漸變小。