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  • set: SET =safe electronic transaction 安全電子交易〈指用信用卡通過因特網支付款項的商業交易〉。n 【埃...

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  1. In addition to provide a website for each published paper, the press of aaas also trys out to set a website for each author, so more detailed introdution for the author and hyperlinks to hisher articles can be provided

  2. So absalom ' s servants set the portion of land on fire

  3. Absalom set amasa over the army in place of joab

    撒下17 : 25押沙龍立亞瑪撒作元帥代替約押。
  4. The experimental results show that the surface charging is related with the pre - flashover events, the pre - flashover events can bring the change of surface charge distribution. these may be attributed to the micro - discharge caused by the traps in insulator. the charge carriers can be captured by traps, a space electric field will be set up by the trap centers, and the combined electric field may exceed the breakdown electric field of local area, then the micro - discharge will be initiated

  5. Should set up a highly transparent fee charging mechanism with no hidden costs ; and should include medical insurance in the fees for medical complications that may arise from the treatment