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  • check: n 1 (象棋)將軍( ),被將軍的局面。2 (突然的)妨礙[制止,阻止];停頓,挫折;【打獵】(獵狗聞不...
  • limit: n. 1. 界限,界線;邊界。2. 極限,限度;限制。3. 〈pl. 〉范圍,范域。4. 限價;限額;賭注限額;獵物限額。vt. 1. 限制,限定。2. 減少。adj. -able

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  1. In international air transport, if the carrier carries the checked baggage without a baggage check having been delivered, or if the baggage check does not include the notice required by sub - paragraph ( 3 ) of article 110 of this law, the carrier shall not be entitled to avail himself of the provisions of article 129 of this law concerning the limit of liability

  2. Article 15 with regard to the aliens denied entry under article 12 of the present rules who cannot promptly return on the original means of transport, border check - posts may take the necessary measures to limit the area of their activities and order them to leave china on the next available means of transport

  3. Check module construction shall include built - in limit stops to prevent disc wear due to backpressure

  4. Your speed will be higher than you think - 70 km h may feel like 50 km h - so be sure to check your speedometer. regulatory signs showing the maximum speed limit for the road

  5. Check the strength of your box by checking the box makers certificate usually on the boxs bottom flap to ensure that the size limit and gross weight limit are not exceeded