1. Chemotaxonomy ( biochemical systematics ; biochemical taxonomy ) a system of classification of plants based on the nature of their metabolic products ( metabolites )

    2. In this study, actinomycetes isolated have been analyzed using polyphasic taxonomy technology including morphological and physiological tests, analysis of chemotaxonomy, dna g + c content and 16s rdna / rna sequencing

      採用形態學、細胞化學、生理生化、 dnag + cmol及16srdna序列分析等多相分類的技術對所分離的部分放線菌進行了系統的分類研究。
    3. In the thesis, the systematic relationships of acorus together with araceae and typhales are discussed on the basis of features from micromorphology, anatomy, pollen morphology and floral development, with the aid of the data from their embryology, cytology, chemotaxonomy and molecular biology. firstly, it is found that there are many obvious differences between acorus and araceae

      本文用形態學、解剖學、孢粉學及花器官發生等方法,並藉助胚胎學、細胞學、植物化學及分子生物學等方面的資料,比較研究了菖蒲屬( acorus )與天南星科( araceae )及香蒲目( typhales )的系統關系。