chen-dong duan中文意思是什麼

chen-dong duan解釋

  • chen: 陳國
  • dong: n. (鐘等的)當當聲。vi. (鐘等)當當響。n. 盾〈越南貨幣單位〉。
  • duan: 端2

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  1. 2 zhang yy, dong ed, chen mz, han qd

    2 .張幼怡,董爾丹,陳明哲,韓啟德
  2. Additionally the oldest patient cured 92, and youngest, 6 years old epilepsy. the director, duan guangyuan, graduated from shanghai military medicine university with years of clinical experience in three - dimensional directional irradiation therapy ; deputy director and vice chief physician luo guanghua, engaged in neurosurgery field and with rich experience, published lots of articles at key national journals. the center retains 4 experts : professor zhang zhenjun from beijing recovery center imaging branch, professor liao xiaoping, director of internal nerve and vice president of hainan provincial hospital ; professor zhu guangyi, pundit of facial feature in hainan province and associate professor chen xianzhao, an expert in irradiation field in hainan province

    該中心成立於1999年6月,聘請神經外科耳鼻喉科放療科等科室專家來中心坐診,臨床治療由一批經驗豐富的副高以上職稱的神經外科醫生擔任,開業以來共收治患者數千例,治療病種多達20餘種,其中病人最大年92歲垂體瘤,最小年1 . 2歲鼻咽部血管纖維瘤,通過對治療后的病人隨訪,發現伽瑪刀具有療效顯著,安全,副作用少等特點。
  3. Wang hong - li, wang dong, chen guang - de and liu hui

  4. Chin - yeh wang, kuo - liang ou, chen - chung liu, baw - jhiune liu and gwo - dong chen, using a text miner to identify group roles of students in a web - based learning system, international journal of learning, 9, 2002, article number lc02 - 0086 - 2002

    水果拼盤:同樣在大螢幕面前抓取水果,但學生們是共同合作抓取特定水果之數量來完成水果拼盤上面相連接的三個六角形(圖8 ) ,本學習情境強調的是游戲的環場和戰略。
  5. Qin chao chen zhong duan yunsuo