cheropong sungai中文意思是什麼

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    1. Zoologists said they were delighted and perplexed at the birth of four rare komodo dragons, whose paternity remains a mystery. the four reptiles were born last month from a clutch laid at london zoo by a female called sungai

    2. Sungai normally lives at the thoiry wildlife park, west of paris, but was lent to london as part of a european breeding programme to help this badly - endangered species

    3. As time past, population increased gradually, the hokkien and teochew group also came to this island to earn their living. they stayed at jalan besar, sungai dalam and bagan teochew. wooden hourse name " kongsi house " were built

    4. But, unfurtunely, tradedies happened in the year 1967 and 1972, where fires destroyed all the houses and shop lots in jalan besar and sungai dalam

    5. Oyl industries bhd, which makes york air - conditioners. will invest rm10mil annually as running costs for its rm20mil research and development centre in sungai buloh, to keep up with the latest technology in product development. .

      為了緊隨產品的科技發展腳步, york冷氣機製造商奧維爾工業每年將投資1千萬零吉作為研究與開發中心的營運成本,這座耗資2千萬零吉的研究與開發中心設在雙溪毛糯。