cherry red fangshan中文意思是什麼

cherry red fangshan解釋

  • cherry: n. 徹麗〈女子名〉。n. 1. 櫻桃;櫻桃樹。2. 櫻桃色;櫻桃酒。adj. 1. 櫻桃色的。2. 鮮紅的。3. 有櫻桃味的;櫻桃木製的。
  • red: adj (redder reddest)1 紅色的,赤色的。2 赤熱的,(面孔)因…而脹紅的 (with)。3 血腥的,血淋淋...
  • fangshan: 方山

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  1. Tasting : lively red robe, nose and mouth very marked by red berries, very strong cherry notes : the impression of eating very juicy bigarreau cherries

  2. This red is a potent wine, dark, rich and concentrated, with a tight, intense, sharply focused beam of spicy currant, black cherry, blackberry and boysenberry fruit that unfolds gracefully, revealing extra facets of depth and complexity

  3. Rich, plumy red in colour. commercially appealing style with dark raspberry fruit flavours supported by mocha and spice. provides ripe red cherry and strawberry flavors with a soft, velvety mouthfeel

  4. After so many sweets, a wizard needs a drink and goes to the three broomsticks, where madam rosmerta will serve him or her butterbeer, red currant rum, gillywater, cherry syrup and soda with ice and umbrella and mulled mead

    在這么多甜食之後,巫師需要來一杯飲料,於是他會去羅斯默塔女士開的「三把掃帚」酒吧,在那裡享受黃油啤酒,紅醋栗朗姆酒, ,櫻桃果汁,還有裝飾著小傘的冰鎮蘇打水和研磨過的蜂蜜酒。
  5. Euonymus japonicus, buxus sinica, qiaogua cyclovirobuxine, daixienu : zhen, sisal, sophora japonica, chui huai, heavy liu, gold weeping willow, qu liu, sheng liu straight, acacia, liriodendron, luan tree, jingdong, france wu, jing feng, ginkgo, bauhinia, lagerstroemia indica, cherry tree, chuisi begonia, kwong ( red, white, purple, yellow ) magnolia, the flower rose ( 200 kinds of flowers abundance rose ( beijing red hat, yellow hat, manmu, etc. ), flowers ( fruit ) pomegranates, lamei, such as osmanthus

    大葉黃楊、小葉黃楊、雀舌黃楊、大葉女貞、劍麻、國槐、垂槐、重柳、金絲垂柳、曲柳、直生柳、合歡、馬褂木、欒樹、青桐、法梧、青楓、銀杏、紫荊、紫薇、櫻花、垂絲海棠、廣(紅、白、紫、黃)玉蘭、大花月季(二百種豐花月季(北京紅帽、黃帽子,曼姆等) 、花(果)石榴、臘梅、桂花等。