chicago defender中文意思是什麼

chicago defender解釋

  • chicago: n. 芝加哥〈美國城市〉。
  • defender: n. 1. 防禦者,保衛者,辯護人。2. 【體育】錦標保持者。

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  1. Arsenal defender william gallas still feels resentment towards chelsea following his acrimonious deadline day departure

  2. The adler planetarium and astronomical museum of chicago was a present to the city by max adler

  3. In 1889 chicago had the peculiar qualifications of growth which made such adventuresome pilgrimages even on the part of young girls plausible

  4. The unit of trading in wheat on the chicago board of trade is 5, 000 bushels, altho you can trade in job lots of 1, 000 bushels

    在開始交易前,首要的事情是必須確定你有一定能維持1年、 2年、 3年、 5年或者20年交易的必要的獎金,並且決不讓他虧損。
  5. New york, in its greenwich village section, offer them a more satisfying bohemia than that of chicago, as well as the opportunity to become acquainted with parallel advances in art, music, and the drama.