child benefit中文意思是什麼

child benefit解釋

  • child: n (pl children )1 孩子,兒童,胎兒,嬰兒。2 孩子氣的人,幼稚的人。3 子孫;後裔;(空想等的)產...
  • benefit: n 1 利益,好處;利潤。2 恩惠,恩澤;恩典,特典。3 (為賑災等舉行的)義演,義賽。4 退休金;(依照...

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  1. His problem began when he was a child.

  2. I can't abandon a tiny child to her.

  3. Fear not, my child, absolution will be yours

  4. The new programme of day to day work is designed to give children the chance to get to know and love their local theatre, orchestra and gallery, and every child who participates will benefit from a whole year of arts experiences, including at least two visits to a performance or exhibition

  5. On top of this, in order to optimise the usage of existing resources on residential child care service, swd has also worked jointly with ngos to carry out service re - engineering by reducing in stages the number of places in some of the residential child care institutionssmall group homes ( such as the residential nurseries with relatively low enrolment rate ). at the same time, the number of foster care places is increased to address the needs of the children and enhance service effectiveness, in order to benefit more children