chinese prepared tobacco中文意思是什麼

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  • chinese: adj. 中國(人)的;中國(話)的。 the Chinese Wall 萬里長城。n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉 中國人;中國話,漢語。
  • prepared: adj. 1. 有準備的,準備好的。2. 精製的,特別處理過的。adv. -ly
  • tobacco: n (pl tobaccos tobaccoes) 【植物;植物學】煙草;煙葉;煙絲,卷煙,紙煙,嚼煙。 flue cured tobac...

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  1. The guling magical wine is exquisitely made by adopting and extracting from more than ten species of animals and rare chinese medicinal herb, such as tortoise, barbary wolfberry fruit, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, red date, prickly ant, cobra, desertliving cistanche, barrenwort, tangshen, tokay, honeybee, ginseng, gutta - percha and rhodiola root, and blending with good quality rice wine, through the combination of ancient wine - making method and modern technology

  2. The filter tip is made by yixing nocigarette ; the pipe tobacco is made by 40 chinese herbal medicines through careful choosing and scientific processing. no nicotine and harmful ingredient

  3. Sun wukong, still in the guise of an overseas chinese, mr. sun, prepared to return to his birthplace.

  4. Article 2 this decree is applicable for all varieties of traditional chinese medicines produced and / or prepared within the territory of china, including the traditional chinese proprietary medicines, the extract and preparation of medicinal herbs, and the processed traditional chinese herbs

  5. Winter is a time of celebrat ion when a number of religious and cultural festivals, such as the winter solstice festival, christmas, new year and chinese new year, bring families and friends together to renew family ties and friendships. it is also a time when gifts are exchanged, sum ptuous feasts are prepared or ordered to show our generosity, and a time when we celebrate the spirit of renewal and starting afresh for the new year for example by replacing old household items with new ones