1. Kristall christoph girardet, matthias muller, 15mins draws on mirror images of hollywood icons

    2. If swiss voters could choose their cabinet ministers, fewer than half would re - elect christoph blocher, hans - rudolf merz and pascal couchepin

    3. Bosch also plans to establish a 50 million euro us 60 million technical centre in wuxi by 2005. " our partnership with wuxi weifu is yet another exciting opportunity for bosch to further extend its leadership in the china market through expansion of our production capabilities for providing the efficient and clean diesel technologies, " said christoph kirsch, general manager of bosch automotive diesel systems co ltd

    4. Bernd schneider whipped in a free - kick from the right and it was headed down by christoph metzelder into the path of sebastian kehl who fired the ball narrowly wide from just inside the area

    5. " the main finding is that chinese acupuncture is as effective as drug treatment for the prophylaxis of migraine, " said hans - christoph diener, a neurologist at the university of duisburg - essen in germany

      漢斯-克里斯托弗迪納日前表示: 「我們最主要的發現是,中國的針灸療法在治療偏頭痛的癥狀上,和藥物治療一樣有效。