1. You should submit it to the same ri office or fiscal agent to which you submitted your other expense statement

    2. Ii ( 4 ) an agv dispatching technique is put forward based on genet ic iiig ( ) ri thms

      ( 4 )提出了基於遺傳演算法求解的agv線路調度方法。
    3. There existed self - poison phenomenon and the ri was up to - 1 during the germination of s. chamaejasme when the concentration of petroleum ether extract was 20 gdw. ml - 1. furthermore, different concentrations of ethanol extract inhibited the germination of lespedeza davurica

      瑞香狼毒的自毒作用明顯,其作用的主要成分是葉乙醇提取物,當濃度為20gdw ? 100ml ~ ( - 1 )時,完全抑制了瑞香狼毒種子的萌發,化感效應指數達到- 1 。
    4. Rotarian peacemaking activities have been further encouraged by the ri board, which designated february as world understanding month and 23 february as world understanding and peace day

    5. No quota on student concessionary tickets for the god of dreams by ming ri theatre, lecture - demonstration on vocal music classical singing for all by rosaline pi, boom ! by chapertons comic theatre ( spain ), cantonese nursery rhymes and folk songs, percussion workshop - cum - concert for childrenfamily by lung heung - wing, concert by hong kong children s symphony orchestra and theatre ensemble the secret garden of red hoodlet

      明日劇團《淘氣娃娃夢神仙》 、畢永琴《古典歌曲齊齊唱》 、西班牙反斗車胎三人組、廣東童謠兒歌及民間生活小唱音樂會、龍向榮《親子敲擊工作坊》 、香港兒童交響樂團音樂會及劇場組合《小紅帽的藍色世界》不設全日制學生優惠票限額。