cla er type magnet中文意思是什麼

cla er type magnet解釋

  • cla: 阿爾坎塔拉衛星發射中心
  • er: ER =emergency room 急救室。int. 〈表示躊躇不決〉呃,啊,這。【化學】元素鉺的符號 (=erbium)。
  • type: n 1 型,類型,(工業產品的)品種;風格,型式。2 典型,榜樣,樣本,樣板,模範,範本;典型人物;具...
  • magnet: n. 1. 磁體;磁石;磁鐵。2. 有吸引力的東西[人]。

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  1. Lastly, calculating the magnet performance using theoretical formulation, which expresses the relationship of the external magnetic field and remanence of the magnet, can tell the type of unknown magnet

  2. By the present time, geologic researchers have found that light oil distribute centrally in baier depression. this paper applies this method for identifying and evaluating light oil in the haila ' er basin, and analyzes generation, migration, and preserving condition pramarily. the author thinks that the nonuniform distribution of light oil in haila ' er basin is caused by the difference of distribution of hydrocarbon source rock, type of organic matter which produced oil, tectonic conditions, migrating time, hydrocarbon maturity, and buried depth

  3. Yalongwan hotel is the three - star foreign tourism hotel collecting the food and beverage, accomodation, recreation and fitness, business for one whole with the area about 16000 square meter. located in the finance street in the crossing of fengchan road and jing er road of zhengzhou, west to the provincial treasury hall and east to the no. 107 national road. the general reception inside, the commercial center, market, hall and clinic, the commercial center can offer to you and type, copy, the fax, book many kinds of private secretarial services such as the ticket

  4. Fishing magnet type cl is a very effective tool that fishes small piece magnetic fishing substances, and it is characterized by small volume, light weight, and no demagnetization by long - term use under condition of normal use and maintenance

  5. The background of this dissertation is the gantry synchronous control problem of numerical control gantry - moving type milling machining center drived by two linear permanent magnet synchronous motors with the same parameters. theory of dynamic precision synchronization traverse and research of realization methods for linear servo dual position loops system is researched