clearance above bridge floor中文意思是什麼

clearance above bridge floor解釋

  • clearance: n 1 清除,掃除,除去;解除。2 【林業】終伐;(伐去樹木后的)林間空地。3 出[入]港證;放行證;出入...
  • above: adv 1 在上面;在頭上;【宗教】在天上。 in the room above 在樓上房間里。2 上級;(河)上流;以上。...
  • bridge: n 1 橋,橋梁;【造船】艦橋,船橋。2 鼻樑;(假牙上的)齒橋;【音樂】弦柱,弦馬;【電學】電橋;【...
  • floor: n 1 地板,地面。2 (樓房的)層。3 (船底的)肋板。4 (海洋、山洞等的)底。5 議員席;經紀人席。6 ...

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  1. Its centerpiece was a communications console on a dais two steps above floor level.

  2. There is not enough clearance for large lorries passing under this bridge.

  3. The continents form rugged tablelands which stand nearly three miles above the floor of the open ocean.

  4. Above finished floor level affl

  5. Bridge of the most conspicuous tower of london of nothing is more. . than, it is apart from the history that already had more than 100 years today, but the design of tower bridge is mixed, build look today remain so apple - pie, bridge floor is but of open, so that large ship is passed, current, this bridge still is producing its due effect, the car that has countless everyday and pedestrian are passed from this bridge, at regular intervals bridge floor is time open, in addition, this bridge is recieved even come from world each country hard enumerated tourist