clearing heart fire中文意思是什麼

clearing heart fire解釋

  • clearing: n 1 清除,掃除,除去;清潔,純化。2 表白,雪冤,昭雪。3 【林業】集材;(森林中的)開闢地,開墾地...
  • heart: n 1 心臟,心。2 胸,胸部;心胸,心地,心腸,胸懷。3 感情,熱情,愛情;靈魂;良心。4 勇氣,膽力;...
  • fire: n 1 火,火焰;火災;燃燒;爐火,烽火。2 射擊;火力。3 火花,閃光;光輝。4 熱情,熱烈,熱心;生氣...

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  1. Thus, touched by masters loving heart, on july 26, deputy fire marshal kim shin - dong opened the lecture hall of the daegu city fire department headquarters for a special ceremony to receive masters contribution, along with gifts including bedclothes sets and masters publications. these items were beautifully wrapped in decorative boxes to lift the firefighters spirits and wish them a peaceful rest and recovery

  2. They have a worth - so i have always believed ; and if i cannot believe it now, it is because i am insane - quite insane : with my veins running fire, and my heart beating faster than i can count its throbs

  3. The two great ruffians sprang up, and, grasping the long pincers, plunged them into the heart of the fire.

  4. The charm of my wonderful josephine kindles a living, blazing fire in my heart and senses

  5. He bowed low, and said something about " irresistible impulse " and " forever carry in his heart the memory of " ? - - and she suggested that he catch the first fire - escape going down

    約翰深鞠一躬,說這出於"難以控制的沖動"而且他會"永遠在心中保存對她的記憶" 。愛倫催促他趕快從第一個安全出口下去。