cli connect less interworking protocol中文意思是什麼

cli connect less interworking protocol解釋

  • cli: clié
  • connect: vt 1 連接,接合,連接。2 使有聯系,為…接通電話。3 聯想。vi 連通,連接,銜接,連續 (with)。 This...
  • less: adj 〈little 的比較級之一〉1 更小的,較小的,更少的,較少的。2 較次的,較劣的,較不重要的;身分較...
  • interworking: 交互工作, 互相配合
  • protocol: n 1 議定書;調查書,始末記。2 (條約等的)草案,草約;(羅馬教皇詔書等的)首尾程式。3 〈the P 〉 ...

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  1. Connect to a client alias that specifies a protocol

  2. Inevitably her death brought calls for the british crown to become less stuffy, less hidebound by protocol and tradition, and more people - friendly

    她的死不可避免地呼喚英國皇室在禮節和傳統上少些拘謹(窒息) ,少些迂腐,對人們多些友好。
  3. The paper particularly analyzed the satellite resource management structure, satellite connect admission control and mac ( media access control ) protocol. then the proposed delay equalization algorithm was applied in this satellite network

    論文通過對衛星網路資源調度管理結構、衛星接入以及mac ( mediaaccesscontrol )協議的研究,將提出的基於時延均衡的調度演算法在衛星網路中實現。
  4. The directional routing protocol ds _ dsr put forward by the author is the improvement of the current protocol dsr, complete routine discovery and maintenance by directional neighbor nodes routing table, source routing and directional steering. the research discovers the application of the directional antenna, compare the omnidirectional antenna can increases the networks " total throughput, obviously reduces the co _ channel interference ( cci ), multiple access interference ( mai ), enlarges the nodes " signal and interference to noise ratio ( sinr ), and because of the high gain of directional antenna can realize the communication with farther distance and less jump, end to end delay can decrease deeply, simultaneously, security of networks can be improved partially, the node energy also can be saved easily by power control

    本文提出的定向路由協議ds _ dsr是基於對現有協議dsr的改進下實現的,通過定向鄰節點路由表、定向源路由和定向搜索來完成路由發現與維護。研究發現,定向天線的應用,相比全向天線可明顯提高網路的總的吞吐量,減少通道干擾、多址干擾,提高信干噪比,且由於定向天線的高增益可實現較遠距離、較少跳數的通信,減少了路由發現時間,這樣大大減小了傳輸時延,網路的整體性能得到了不同程度的提高,同時部分地解決安全問題,通過功率控制還可較容易的實現節能的目的。
  5. Integration occurs at a higher level in the protocol stack, based on messages centered more on service semantics and less on network protocol semantics, thus enabling loose integration of business functions