closed dislocation of sternum中文意思是什麼

closed dislocation of sternum解釋

  • closed: adj. 1. 關閉著的,封閉著的;密閉著的;保密的。2. 〈美國〉準備好了的;定了契約的。3. 【語音】閉音節的。
  • dislocation: n. 1. 【醫學】脫位,脫臼;離位,轉位,位移。2. 【地質學;地理學】斷層,斷錯;【物理學】位錯。3. 混亂,打亂。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • sternum: n. ( pl. -na , sternums)1. 【解剖學】胸骨。2. 【動物;動物學】(甲殼類的)腹甲,胸板,(棘皮動物,昆蟲的)腹板。

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  4. It was found that many dislocations were emitted from the crack tip during the early stage of crack propagation and were driven out of the crack tip area, and them piled up inversely. a closed dislocation free zone ( dfz ) was formed between the crack tip and the pile - up dislocations. keeping displacement constant, the dislocations were still emitted from the crack tip for a while

    本文首先系統地研究了工業純金屬( fe , al , ti和mg )斷裂的微觀過程,發現所研究的工業純金屬斷裂過程裂尖均首先發射位錯,並離開裂尖向前運動、在裂尖留下無位錯區,位錯反塞積在五位錯區的端部,反塞積位錯群一般呈封閉狀包圍無位錯區。
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    方法回顧分析復雜眼球外傷68隻眼,因玻璃體大量積血混濁、伴外傷性視網膜脫離及增生性玻璃體視網膜病變( pvr ) 、眼後段異物、眼內炎、晶體后脫位等病變,行常規閉合式玻璃體切除術,同時根據不同伴隨病變聯合相應的手術治療。