• co: 1. cobalt 【化學】鈷。2. concentration 濃度;濃縮;【礦物】富集,選礦。
  • occurrence: n. 1. (事件的)發生,出現,有;【礦物】存象,(礦床等的)埋藏;產地。2. 遭遇,事件,事故。


  1. Among them the gray level co - occurrence matrix ( glcm ) and gray gradient co - occurrence matrix ( ggcm ) methods, which attributed to the statistic textural analysis scheme were then chosen to extract the textural features of five kind areas on satellite images. in the second part the principle of classification and bp neural network were introduced. combined with textural features, the improved bp neural network successfully performed on the classification of the satellite images

  2. No go at soko co - occurrence of the two resident marine mammals

    No go at soko -反對在大鴉洲興建液化天然氣站
  3. This dissertation deals with the content - based image retrieval ( cbir ) theory and technique ; some new features and tools for more concisely and discriminatingly charactering the content of an image are proposed, such as region - based color histogram, grey - primitive co - occurrence matrix, ratio of centripetal moment, ratio of eccentric moment and ratio of inertial moment. a new modified genetic algorithm is also described in this dissertation, which can upgrade the performance of standard genetic algorithm ( sga ) while used in image segmentation

  4. Based on different texture of the face and the inverse of leather, this paper extracted characteristic vector of the face and the inverse of leather using co - occurrence matrix and classified the face and the inverse of leather using fisher classifier and nn base on characteristic vector

  5. For evaluating the skin texture objectively, a novel measuring and recognizing model for skin texture is founded based on adopting spatial gray level co - occurrence matrix of image texture analysis to extract important features of skin texture