coastal escort中文意思是什麼

coastal escort解釋

  • coastal: adj. 沿海的,臨海的;沿岸的。n. 〈英國〉海防飛機。
  • escort: vt. 護衛,護送,伴隨。n. 1. 警衛,護送。2. 護衛隊,儀仗兵;護送者,護衛者;伴隨者;護航艦[機]。

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  2. A discussion on coastal bathymetric technique

  3. The bridegroom goes to the bride 's home to escort her to the wedding.

  4. Tourists float down the river dart, also known as " english rhine, " through the verdant valley that meanders past the coastal town of dartmouth, home of england ' s britannia royal naval college and an important port since the norman conquest

    遊客們沿著達特河順流而下,達特河又被稱為「英格蘭的萊茵河」 ,流經那被翠綠山谷蜿蜒環抱的海濱城鎮達特姆斯,該城是英格蘭布利特安娜皇家海軍學院的發源地,同時也是諾曼人征服時期的重要港口。
  5. One of the cipher clerks came out and engaged our escort in animated conversation.