coded form of algorithm data中文意思是什麼

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  • coded: 編成代碼的
  • form: n 1 形態;形狀;樣子,外貌;【哲學】形式 (opp content)。2 人影,物影。3 格式;表格紙 (= 〈美...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • algorithm: n. 【數學】演算法;規則系統;演段。
  • data: n 1 資料,材料〈此詞系 datum 的復數。但 datum 罕用,一般即以 data 作為集合詞,在口語中往往用單數...

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  1. In this article i do a lot of analysis for the data formed in the mobile samples with the basis of the research of data mining, mainly including : it analyses and summarizes the theory and technology of data, especially the further discussion of the data mining algorithm for time sequential. it introduces the course of the test curve of the power transmission system of electric mobile and discusses the technology and methods of pretreatment for curve data. it studies and develops the antitype system for the analyses of test curve data of the power transmission system of electric mobile with the mining and analysis of test curve data of the power transmission system of electric mobile and the basis of the algorithm of time sequential

  2. When these models deal with material uncertainty, there are different from basic thought and method in detail, but the reasoning has the same hypostasis and they have the same form of structure, such as the same description of knowledge " uncertainty, the same description of evidence ' s uncertainty, the same update algorithm of uncertainty and so on

  3. The disquisition includes choice of algorithm, accomplish of algorithm, collection of learning sample, parameter of net, shortcoming of bp algorithm, extraction and reduction form line etc. referring to shortcoming of traditional bp algorithm, a modified learning factor with adaptation is introduced. because of every different font has robust, the way based chain coded and knaggy feature is used. a bizarre sample feature database is constructed for speeding up modified bp learning and classification

    本文對人工神經網路理論進行了研究,探討了網路形式及演算法的選擇、演算法的實現、學習樣本的收集、網路參數選擇、 bp演算法缺陷、表格線提取、還原、生成及字元識別、還原生成等問題,並針對bp演算法的缺陷提出了和實現了改進型bp演算法,使網路學習效率提高,對不同人的不同字型字體有較強的魯棒性,採用了基於鏈碼特徵和凹凸分佈特徵的方法來抽取字元特徵。
  4. The algorithm builds voxel between neighboring slices of volume data, then gets density of a certain substance by experience. after setting threshold for surface of the substance which we want to get, and computing triangle mould of every voxel cube by use of linearity interpolation, the algorithm represents the surface of the substance as the form of triangle mesh

  5. The text brings forward many rapid calculations according to physical truth. in the algorithm routine, using the multi - way tree of the data structure, using the concept the software visual c + + ’ s array of structures to form dummy source tree

    在演算法程序的編制上,採用了數據結構中多叉樹的思想,利用visualc + +模擬計算軟體中的結構數組的概念形成了「虛擬源樹」的射線跟蹤模型。