coling computational linguistics中文意思是什麼

coling computational linguistics解釋

  • coling: 科林
  • computational: adj. 計算的。
  • linguistics: n. 語言學。 comparative linguistics 比較語言學。 general linguistics 一般語言學。

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  1. The computational results of the particle images are agreement with the simulated datain reasonable, the most absolute difference of the displacement is 0. 6671 pixel at the x abscissa and 0. 7928 pixel at y abscissa ; the computational results are equal to the data form the algorithm of particle brightness - distribution pattern tracking ( the conventional cross - correlation algorithm ) at voluminous points, their discrepancy is only one pixel at few points, mostly in boundary area

    西安理工大學碩士學位論文最後,在visualfortran環境下給出了這種演算法的具體實現,處理模擬粒子圖像的結果與模擬數據比較吻合,最大位移絕對誤差在x方向是0 . 6671像素,在y方向是0 . 7928像素;計算結果與示蹤粒子灰度分佈模板法(基本的互相關法)在絕大部分點是相同的,只在少數點相差一個像素,而且大多出現在邊界區域。
  2. With the accelerative growth of high - performance computers, computational electromagnetics made and is still making substantial progress

  3. Deere k a. computational investigation of the aerodynamic effects on fluidic thrust vectoring. aiaa 2000 - 3598

    喬渭陽,蔡元虎.基於次流噴射控制推力矢量噴管的實驗及數值研究.航空動力學報, 2001 , 16 ( 3 )
  4. As it happens, massachusetts is home to hubs of research in linguistics and the psychology of reading ? at the massachusetts institute of technology and the university of massachusetts at amherst

  5. From linguistics, cognitive psychology and computational linguistics, we searched the base of theory of key phrases ' advantage, defined key phrases, and acquired them by extracting key words labeled by specialist in web pages