collapsible loess slumping loess中文意思是什麼

collapsible loess slumping loess解釋

  • collapsible: adj. (椅子等)可折疊的,可壓扁[壓縮]的。 a collapsible chair 摺椅。
  • loess: n. 【地質學;地理學】黃土。-al, -ial, -ic adj.
  • slumping: 海底滑動

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  1. Lime - soil compaction pile foundation belongs to composite one and can obtain obvious technology and economic benefits when it is used to collapsible loess or filled soil, when is widely used in the north - west and north china

  2. The in - situ test result shows that using the lime - soil pile to treat the collapsible loess under the bridge is feasible

  3. Application of deep mixing cement pile in collapsible loess subgrade

  4. Conclusions as following have got through test study : ( 1 ) when impact compaction technology is applied to treat collapsible loess subgrade, the effect depth may be treated generally can not override 80 cm and impact compaction pass is optimum at 30 times. ( 2 ) for stratified impact compaction of subgrade, when compactness of each level reaches codeslstandards loose laying depth of 80 cm fits 40 impact compaction pass is the optimum combination of subgrade construction. when average compactness in each level reaches codeslstandards loose laying depth of 80 cm fits 30 impact compaction pass is the optimum combination o ( 3 ) the quality control method may request impact compaction pass as the main control index and at the same time the final division settlement is less than 10 % of total settlement as large area subgrade is constructed

    通過試驗研究主要得出如下認識:沖擊壓實技術處理濕陷性黃土地基時,其有效處理深度一般不超過80cm ,沖壓遍數以30遍左右為宜;對路基分層沖壓,在要求土體中各點壓實度均達到規范要求時,路基沖壓最佳組合為虛鋪厚度80cm 、沖壓40遍;在只要求土體平均壓實度達到規范要求時,路基沖壓最佳組合為虛鋪厚度80cm 、沖壓30遍;大面積施工時,質量控制方法可按照在以沖壓遍數作為主要控制指標的同時,要求最後10遍分計沉降量小於累計沉降量10 ;在施工單位自己購置沖擊壓實機情況下,與傳統施工相比較,沖擊壓實技術是一種既能節約資金又能大量縮短工期的施工方法。
  5. Collapsible loess has a wide distribution in midwest china, which in some extent, impacts the subgrade construction and the forming quality of highway engineering ; this thesis explores corresponding construction strategies through mathematical analysis combined with practical experience summary