丘, 小阜


    1. There are 16 - 32 gland ducts from prostate opened into the urethra, eject prostatic fluid which composes semen. furthermore, the right and left ejaculation ducts are formed by the spermatic efferent and the ampullae located end of the spermaduct, also pass through the prostate and open to the spermatic colliculus

    2. A large number of neurons with nig - li were seen in the anterior olfactory nuclei, accumbens nucleus, septal area, 09600045, 39970377, 39570109 ) 9 ventral pallidum, pallidum, caudate putamen, nucleus of the stria terminalis, anterior hypothalamic area, tuber cinereum area, lateral hypothalamic area, perifornical nucleus, supraoptic nucleus, arcuate nucleus, mammillar nuclei, substatia nigra, ventral tegmental area, retrorubral area, superior and inferior colliculus, periaqueductal gray, nucleus of the solitary tract, and superficial layers of the medullary and spinal dorsal horns

    3. The met - enkephalin projections linking the marginal interior colliculus of midbrain and auditory thalamus in nonsongbird

    4. Frequency and spatial coding of auditory information in auditory cortex and inferior colliculus was studied in this research

    5. The colliculus is located in the back urethra like a hillock with many canals export of the prostate gland at two sides, and it has abundant nerves, which directly control ejaculation and strengthen orgasm