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  • collimated: 瞄準的
  • output: n. 1. 產量;生產,出產,產品。2. 【醫學】(糞便以外的)排泄物;排泄量。3. 【電學】發電力,輸出功率;供給量。4. 輸出信號。
  • beam: n 1 梁,棟梁,桁條;(船的)橫梁。2 船幅;(動物、人的)體幅。3 (秤)桿,杠桿,(織機的)卷軸,...

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  1. When a collimated - well gaussian laser beam passes through a 27i - phase plate and then focused by a lens, a focused hollow beam ( fhb ) will be generated behind the lens, as a result of the completely ( r = 0 ) and partially ( r 0 ) destructive interference effects around the central region of the beam

    當一束準直的高斯光束通過具有2位相分佈的位相片和一個薄透鏡時,這將導致在入射高斯光束中心的完全和部分相消干涉效應,於是在透鏡后就會形成一束聚焦中空光束( fhb ) 。
  2. The experiment of intracavity doubling of a 946 nm nd : yag laser with an lbo crystal has been done at room temperature. a continuous wave 473 nm laser is obtained with 235mw output power at a pump power of 20w. the laser beam quality of 473 nm is good as well

    對腔內倍頻輸出473nm激光進行了初步的實驗研究,在泵浦功率為20w時, l獲得了光束質量較好的連續波形式的藍光激光輸出,其功率為200mw 。
  3. According to the guidline, two nd : yag lasers have been designed and set up, one is end - pumped by lower output power ld using a selfoc micro lens, and the other is end - pumped by high output power ld using a pair of lenses are designed, and the characteristics such as output power and power stabilization of both solid - state lasers are investigated. thirdly, when an empty liquid crystal cell is inserted in the cavity of the nd : yag laser pumped by high power ld, the laser can operates in single axial mode. finally, according to the relationship between the laser output power and the longnitudinal a ld - end - pumped nd : yag laser sensor for displacement measurement has been investigated theoretically and demonstrated experimently, the results indicate that when the mean radius of pumping inside the laser cavity is far less than that of the oscilating laser mode, the exponential of the output power is a gauss function of the longitudinal positon of focused spot of ld pumping beam, both the measurement range and the sensitivity are dependent on the incident pumping power, as the incident pumping power is increased, the measurement range is enlarged and the sensitivity is improve d

    本文首先介紹了ld泵浦nd : yag激光器的發展狀況、主要特性及其應用,從四能級速率方程出發,推導了ld泵浦nd : yag激光器的閾值、輸出功率和斜效率的表達式,並簡述了激光器的工作原理、結構型式和倍頻方法;其次,以空間相關的速率方程為基礎,提出了ld端面泵浦nd : yag激光器的設計方法,給出了一定泵浦耦合方式下,振蕩光模尺寸、最佳輸出耦合率、泵浦光模尺寸、泵浦光焦斑位置等參數的選取依據,以此為依據,設計了自聚焦透鏡耦合小功率ld泵浦nd : yag激光器和透鏡組耦合高功率ld泵浦nd : yag激光器,對激光器的輸出功率和功率穩定性等特性進行了實驗研究;再次,在帶尾纖輸出的高功率ld泵浦nd : yag激光腔內插入一隻空液晶盒,觀察到了激光器以單縱模運轉;最後,根據泵浦光焦斑端面位置對激光輸出功率的影響規律,提出了ld端面泵浦nd : yag激光位移傳感新方法,並進行了理論和實驗研究,研究結果表明:當激光晶體內泵浦光平均光斑半徑遠小於振西安理工大學碩士學位論文蕩光束腰半徑時,激光輸出功率的自然指數與泵浦光焦斑的縱向位置成高斯變化規律,測量范圍和靈敏度依賴于泵浦功率,隨著泵浦功率的增加,測量范圍擴大,靈敏度提高,當端面泵浦功率為7 . 24w (最大輸出功率為1 . 926w )時,激光位移傳感器的測量范圍和靈敏度分別是13 . 045mm和0 . 148mw / pm 。
  4. On the basis of theories of physics, geometrical optics and photometry, the optical properties of collimated light beam incident upon single fiber perpendicular to the fiber axis are studied. by exploring the behaviors of reflected light and transmitted light from single fiber, the distribution of the light is described and the proportionalities between the intensity of the reflected, transmitted and scatered light are obtained respectively, and the different laws governing the intensity of diffused light and transmitted light from single fiber between near and far field are discussed. experiments demonstrate that the decrease of projecting light in far field is in direct proportion for the increase of fiber diameter, which serves as the theoretical basis for a series optics equations, as well as for the designment for photoelectric deviccs for detecting fibers

  5. Calculations show that the near - field profile of the output beam is strong function of the laser launching conditions