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  • collision: n. 碰撞;沖突,抵觸,(政黨等的)傾軋。 come into collision with 和…相撞[沖突,抵觸]。 in collision with 和…相撞[沖突]。
  • theory: n. 1. 理論,學理,原理。2. 學說,論說 (opp. hypothesis)。3. 推測,揣度。4. 〈口語〉見解,意見。

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  1. Prophase studies about the coagu - flocculation mechanism lay particular stress on collision mechanism and the theory of velocity grads, but reseau coagu - flocculation can ' t inosculate in the practical applications

  2. We analyze the principle of pollard rho - method and parallel collision search method using graph theory and algebra, and obtain important principle of directing the design of algorithms directed by this principle, we redesign the two algorithms, and achieve more efficient effect

    用代數和圖論的方法深入分析了pollard演算法和并行碰撞演算法的原理,獲得了指導演算法設計的重要原則,在這個原則的指導下,重新設計這兩個演算法,取得了更好的計算效果。 2
  3. Typical accident - causing " theories includes heinrich " s domino " s theory, its development by bird, adams and other people, progress of which is that it is deficiencies of management system that are the root cause in accident causation sequence. this is author " s idea resource and main method to produce the water traffic accident - causing theory. in addition, uncontrolled transferring of energy theory, applies widely in safety management scheme for water traffic ; human error accident model can be used to analyze causes of collision accident and to take preventive measures ; perturbation theory and multilinear event sequencing method is a very useful investigation method to water traffic accidents

  4. In the light of new findings in geological studies and recent development in lithospheric delamination theory and numerical modeling experiments, we have come to the conclusion that the above - mentioned differences are caused by the crustal thickening and oblique collision prior to the hitting of the indian continent toward the eurasian continent

  5. One of the most popular hypothesis is the supermassive black hole theory. when materials surrounding the black hole fall into it, large amount of energy is released. galaxy collision may create the supermassive black hole at the center