colloidal gel filter中文意思是什麼

colloidal gel filter解釋

  • colloidal: adj. 膠質的,膠態的。
  • gel: n. 凍膠,凝膠(體);定型發膠。vi. (-ll-) 成凍膠,膠化。
  • filter: n 1 濾器,濾紙,過濾用料[砂、炭等]。2 【無線電】濾波器;【物理學】濾光鏡,濾色器。vt 過濾,用過濾...

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  1. In order to reduce this interference, several methods have been proposed and tested, in which adaptive filter is more abstractive

  2. Preparation process of aerogel films for icf target by sol - gel spin - coating method

  3. Abstract : this paper dicussed the preparative parameteres synthesized mullite ultrafine powder by sol - gel and co2 scfd ( supercritieal fluid drying ) method from teos and al ( no3 ) 3 ? 9h2o as raw materials. the control parameteres of the colloidal particle size forming in sol - gel process and the gel structure and the scfd were studied by, xrd, tem and bet techmiques

    文摘:研究了以正硅酸乙酯和硝酸鋁為原料,採用溶膠一凝膠法結合co2超臨界流體低溫乾燥技術合成莫來石超細粉的制備參數控制,並利用xrd 、 tem和bet 、技術研究了溶膠-凝膠過程中溶膠膠粒大小的控制和凝膠結構的控制及超臨界流體乾燥技術的控制。
  4. A few researchers are examining novel technologies, such as actuators that would pull on tendonlike beams to counteract ground motion or electrorheological fluids in a foundation that would turn from liquid to gel to filter out shock waves

  5. Puried and identified by gel electrophoresis, the plasmid pbl29 is cccdna and the molecular weight of the plasmid pbl29 was estimated to be about 3. 7kb. the sensitivity of bacillus iicheniformis29 to 18 antibiotics was determined by inhibitory zone with filter paper

    Licheniformis29菌株中抽提得到質粒pbl29 ,純化后通過瓊脂糖凝膠電泳觀察,確證質粒pbl29為閉合環狀質粒、分子量3 . 7kb左右。