combed decoration中文意思是什麼

combed decoration解釋

  • combed: 精梳
  • decoration: n. 1. 裝飾,裝璜。2. 〈pl. 〉 裝飾品。3. 勛章。

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  1. He found that the red pigment proved to be iron oxide, hematite ; a yellow consisted of clay containing iron or yellow ochre ; a blue color was a finely powdered glass ; and a pale blue was a copper carbonate, probably azurite ; green were malachite ; black was charcoal or boneblack ; gray, a limestone mixed with charcoal ; and a quantity of pigment remaining in a paint pot used in the decoration, contained a mixture of hematite with limestone and clay

  2. The decoration patterns of miao batiks record the social history, totem worship, mythic legend and religious culture of the nationality

  3. Jinda specializes in the production of all kinds of textile decoration shell fabric such as jacquard weave, yarn dyed fabric and calico printing

  4. Items include great wine gifts, chocolate figurines, edible ginger bread houses, candles and decoration items, christmas pudding, christmas log cakes and more

  5. Offering all kinds of tea drinks, wine, ice cream, turnip cake, and apple pie, the elegant, warm indoor decoration and outdoor european coffee stand are both for freeing your souls