combining volume中文意思是什麼

combining volume解釋

  • combining: 化合的
  • volume: n. 1. 卷,冊;書籍;【歷史】書卷,卷軸。2. 〈常 pl. 〉大塊,大量,許多。3. 體積;容積;分量,額;【物、樂】音量;強度,響度。

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  1. Methods the milk volume, morphology of mammary gland, serum prolactin level and pituitary acidophil number in lactation rats and the growth improvement in suckling mice were observed after administrating various dosages of maidang rutong granules to lactation rats by gastric gavage

  2. The result of experiment shows that und er the conditions of proper ai r - entraining, concrete with 20 % fly ash has excellent frost - resistance. the frost - resistance of concrete with 55 % fly - ash which is admixed with united expansive agent ( uea ) has been improved greatly. the frost - resistance of sulfate aluminate cement concrete with high volume of fly - ash is dramatically lower than that of silicate cement concrete with the same volume of fly - ash

  3. In this paper, by use of the idea of constructing of high accurate eno ( essentially non - oscillatory ) schemes applied successfully in the simulation of euler equations, a new kind of high accurate finite volume schemes have been constructed in lagrangian coordination. combining with the eno interpolation, two kinds of conservative remapping algorithms have been developed for arbitrary mesh systems

    本文採用已經在euler方程求解中得到成功運用的高精度eno ( essentiallynon - oscillatory )有限體積格式的構造思想,構造了lagrange坐標系下高精度有限體積格式,結合eno插值自適應選取插值點的特性,提出了兩類適用於任意網格的守恆重映方法。
  4. By using a cell equivalent method, the present model can deal with the face - center square structure of erf. combining the scheme of the classical conductivity model for the single - chain structure, a new formula for the prediction of the shear yield stress of erf is set up. the influences of the separation distance of the particles, the volume fraction of the particles and the applied electric field on the shear yield stress are investigated

  5. By combining, the chicago exchanges, to be named the cme group, will have average daily trading volume of close to nine million contracts a day, representing $ 4. 2 trillion in notional value, or the amount of the underlying assets, not the value of the contracts themselves

    通過合併芝加哥交易所,稱為cme集團(芝加哥商業交易所) ,每日平均交易量接近九百萬合同,此代表的是4萬2千億的名義價值或標的資產金額,而非合同本身價值。